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Here are a selection of my favourite web design, development, graphic design, and computing websites. Hopefully they will prove as useful and inspirational to you as they have to me. Of course, these sites are all external and I am not responsible for their content. If you visit them or follow any of their advice, you do so at your own risk.

Design and Development News

Some of the main outlets in the web design & development space.

Computing and Tech News

Sources for the latest tech news from around the web.

Web Languages

Some of the main languages used for web design and development today. There are others, but these are some of the most important and influential.


These extend basic web and programming languages with additional functions and provide standardised systems ('frameworks') for creating projects. This can be really useful for large development teams.


Computer programming languages, used for creating all types of applications from games and web apps to industrial software.

Design and Development Tools

Tools such as compilers, preprocessors and versioning software to aid in web and application development.


Get together with other web enthusiasts and discuss design and development issues and challenges. I don't get actively involved enough but plan on becoming more so.

Social Media and SEO Tools

Enhance your web presence with these social media and SEO sites.

Of course I cannot link to every useful website which is out there, so I am sorry if I've not included you in this links page. These are sites and tools which I useful, but there are so many more which I've not been able to include.

Finally, I would like to say thank you for visiting the Roblo Design website and I hope that these resources provide many hours of use and much inspiration for you, as they have done for me.

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